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Alchemy Yoga Center

November 13th – 19th, 2023

Ubud, Bali




Early Bird: USD 600 - until November 1st

Regular Investment: USD 700

Earth Module : 1-Week Yoga Immersion

The Earth Module yoga immersion presents a comprehensive 50-hour journey, uncovering the profound philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism and its intersection with the practices of yoga. This exploration offers a nuanced understanding of the rich spiritual traditions and practices of yoga, with an emphasis extending beyond just the physical aspect.

This is not a teaching module, but one that allows each student to dive deeply into their own practice. While the program does include yoga asana, the immersion goes beyond the mat to offer a deep exploration of yoga's diverse facets through a variety of practices. In this transformative journey, participants will delve into the calming and clarifying practice of meditation, guided by principles rooted in Kashmir Shaivism.

Mantra and puja, integral parts of the module, serve as profound tools for spiritual sadhana. The Earth Module introduces the profound resonance and vibrational power of sacred mantras, encapsulating the heart of this rich tradition. Puja, the ritual of reverence and devotion, further enriches the immersion experience, as students will learn a simple puja to Ganesha that they can do on their own allowing participants to connect more deeply with the divine. 

A unique highlight of the Earth Module is the study of Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity revered in Hindu traditions. Participants will delve into the intriguing stories of Ganesha, exploring the symbolism and teachings that lie within. The mythology of Ganesha is filled with wisdom and insight, and through understanding this aspect of the divine, participants will unravel themes of resilience, wisdom, and overcoming obstacles that are central to Self recognition and spiritual development.

The Earth Module is not your average yoga immersion; it's an enlightening journey that weaves together physical yoga practices, the spiritual power of mantra and puja, the mental discipline of meditation, and the nuanced study of Ganesha, all within the framework of the enlightening philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism. Engage in this transformative exploration of the self, nurturing mind, body and spirit, and discover the profound interconnectedness of your being at the Alchemy Yoga and Meditation Center this November!

You can expect:

  • Daily yoga practice

  • Daily mantra and meditation practice

  • Learn fundamental principles of Kashmir Shaivism

  • An introduction to the sacred texts of the tradition through the Shiva Sutras and Vijnana Bhairava Tantra.

  • Learn a simple Ganesha Puja

  • Deepen one’s own yoga practice

  • Develop a personal relationship with the practice, explore which practices are most suitable for you.

The Teacher

Ashton Szabo

Ashton Szabo

General Manager, Principal Teacher and co-owner at Alchemy Yoga & Meditation Center.

Strongly grounded in the present moment, Ashton's classes are open to the fullness of our human experience as spiritual beings. He teaches from the heart to the individual; whether you're in a class or private session - he inspires everyone to discover their practice and your unique connection within.​


Early Bird : USD 600 (until November 1st)

Regular Investment : USD 700

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