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17-21 Aug. 50hr Sacred Spaces Facilitator Training W_Kirsty Ka - Print.webp

50hr Sacred Spaces Facilitator Training

with Kirsty Ka



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USD $798

About the Training : 
50hr Sacred Spaces Facilitator Training

Join Kirsty Ka and community for a training dedicated to learning, exchanging and embodying sacred practices, tools and universal ancient keys to create and hold transformational spaces for one and many. 

This is firstly a journey within, a dedicated space for you to honour your essence, to remember ancestral and shamanic ways, to grow, to embody the sacredness of life and of your work, to build confidence in your knowing and deepen your connection to source and nature for greater alignment and guidance.
In just a short time, by deepening your wisdom, practice and embodiment, you can feel the confidence to step beyond comforts, doubts and fears, to share more your authentic voice and gifts and find support to bring your greater visions and offerings into being for All Our Relations.

This empowering initiation is for those already facilitating and those called to facilitate sacred spaces for individuals and groups, be they sessions, classes, circles, ceremonies, retreats, events, online programs and more.

Our intention is to enable more facilitators to expand and hold heart space for positive change in people's lives and in their communities. Together bringing greater unity and harmony amongst people, with the Earth and all of Creation.

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This training is ideal for you if you are wanting to begin or expand your work as: 

  • Facilitator of transformational experiences, events, retreats, sessions, online programs.

  • Yoga teacher or a practitioner wanting to integrate more shamanic, ceremonial or music practice

  • Confident breathworker or other type of teacher

  • Women's / men's / coed circle facilitator

  • Ceremony holder

  • Sound healer / Medicine musician

  • Shamanic practitioner

  • Community leader

  • Retreat facilitator

  • (Alternative) Medicine practitioners

  • Holders of holistic centers and spaces

  • Coach wanting to make sessions more sacred and meaningful

There are no specific prior requirements to join. This training is suited for individuals who sense an inner calling, whether they are already facilitating and seeking expansion, are new to holding space, or yearn for deeper connections with ceremonies and practices that have touched their lives. The program is particularly beneficial for those looking to grow their confidence, authenticity, and deepen skills in holding space, and for anyone feeling called to be in greater service to others.



  • Opening Ceremony

  • Clarifying your vision / intention

  • Inner Alignment, growth and self-care for facilitators

  • Setting up sacred space

  • The fundamentals of opening and closing sacred space



  •  Practicing facilitating and tools for holding space

  • Teachings from ancestral and ancient wisdom

  • The power of your voice, music and your unique gifts

  • Working with the elements: water, fire, earth, air

  • The practice of intention and prayer for facilitators and facilitation

  • Shamanic practices and ceremony supporting yourself and others

  • Tools for group dynamics and challenges


  •  Working with cacao and other heart opening ceremonies

  • Creating your action plan, business plan

  • Thriving working for yourself, with collaborators and community

  • Integration tools and accountability

  • Closing ceremony

Sample Daily Schedule

7am - 8am -  Morning Sacred Practices

8am - 9am - Circle - Collective Wisdom

9am - 10 - Breakfast/ Reflection

10am - 11am - Ancestral Teachings and Sacred Spaces Tools

11am - 12pm - Self-discovery and exchanges related to daily focus

12pm - 1pm - Lunch break

1pm - 2pm - Practices in Opening/Holding/Expanding

2pm - 3pm - Ceremony/Music medicine

4.15 - 5:00 Integration and practical application

What is included? 

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  • 5-Full Days In-person Training

  • Assignments and practices for clarity, experience and embodiment

  • Guided transformational ceremonies

  • Comprehensive Manual

  • Certificate of Completion

Book a Free Discovery Call

If you are unsure whether or not the 50Hr Sacred Spaces Facilitator Training  is a good fit for you, Kirsty would be happy to speak to you on free discovery call!

This is a great step in gaining valuable insight on how the training best suits your goals and aspirations! Click the button below and schedule your discovery call today.


“This training allowed me to go deeper into my spiritual practice,
my connection with nature and the creation of sacred space in
my everyday life. It gave me more clarity and the confidence to
facilitate sacred space for others.”

- Anna Philibert, Mexico

“The training brought me so much clarity, confidence, strength,
self worth, empowerment, breakthroughs, transformation,
expansion and rememberance. I am feeling so blessed, so
grateful and not enough words can explain how this training
changed my life. It was a journey of rebirth." 
- Sahar Alk, Saudi Arabia

“Thank you so much again for this very inspiring, insightful and
beautiful training. I feel that I’m really taking a lot of new
practices, confidence and clarity from it. I feel much more
confident about what it is that I want to offer, about my own self
worth as well as the worthiness of the work I want to do more
and share more with the world. I would definitely recommend
the training to anyone who’s interested to learn more about
working with ceremony, connecting deeper with the unknown
and with ancient wisdom. As well as recommend this training to
people who are interested in stepping into a facilitator’s role yet
feel not confident enough or unclear what it is they want to offer
or how they actually want to work.”

- Pia Gurgel, Bali

“My initial intention was to be able to create a sacred space
during my sessions and expand my ancestral knowledge. I came
out with so much more. A big item is I’m doing my first retreat in
late August, we fully booked it within 5 weeks of announcing it!”
- Debbie Pacheco, USA

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Kirsty ka

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Kirsty is a ceremonialist, a shamanic practitioner and medicine musician. For over two decades she has been working with and learning from nature, ancient wisdom and indigenous people around the world about essential forgotten practices that support greater harmony, personally, in our relations and with the Earth.


Kirsty is the founder of Wild Wisdom Ka, an organization working with wisdom keepers and indigenous elders offering programs and retreats that support people to find greater inner peace, wholeness and life fulfillment through reunion with nature, spirit and ancestral wisdom and practices. ​


Kirsty began holding The Sacred Spaces Facilitator Trainings in 2017 in Bali. After a number of years, the call came to grow into an online training enabling more people around the world to benefit and create greater impact.


Alongside the large group online trainings, Kirsty is thrilled to extend this exclusive 5-day training opportunity to a limited group at ALCHEMY Uluwatu Bali."

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