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2-Day Embodied Flow Immersion




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Early Bird: $190 USD - until July 14th, 2024

Regular Investment: $240 USD

About 2-Day Embodied Flow Immersion "Alchemist" 

Learn to transform, alchemize and digest your experiences and use them as energy to wake up to what you are! Emma invites you to immerse yourself in the intimate connection with your true nature through embodying the elements, energy body strengthening practices of non-dual Shaiva tantra, yoga, journaling, somatic movement.

Come and explore what relational connection is for you, revealing ourselves through Authentic Relating Games, Embodiment practices, exploring playfulness, curiosity, excitement.


The Alchemical journey is co-created to be seen, to be heard, to move, to share and to listen to your deep body-mind wisdom and to each other fully. May I wake up from the dream that the contents of thought define or describe me and thereby realize the truth of what I am!


Anchored in the teachings of non-dual tantric philosophy, Embodied Flow's methodology brings participants into ever more pathways to step into agency, freedom, and flow. The 2-Day Immersion is an exploration of each Element, that includes a blend of Yoga Asana, Somatic Movement therapy, Authentic Relating Games Experiential practices, Foundational tantric philosophy and energy body strengthening meditations. Save your spot at our reception or book on our website! (See link in bio)

The Teacher


Emma Szabo

Emma is a devoted practitioner of classical Tantric philosophy (the Trika lineage of Non-Dual Kashmir Shaivism), Yoga and the school of Embodied Flow™, and Somatic movement therapy.

Emma believes that the body as a vehicle holds the opportunity for awakening and invites you to explore a holistic embodiment approach of yoga practice with emphasis on the physical, emotional and spiritual state.

She experiences that Embodiment and Meditation practices are doorways to allow awareness to re-pause in itself, supporting a deep relaxation into who we already are. Emma facilitates your process of embracing the essence of you, inhabiting your body in a new way, immersing yourself in a self-revealing journey, and transmitting the awareness of the connection of body-mind centering and the influence that yoga and movement have in healing.


Early Bird : $190 USD (until July 14th, 2024)

Regular Investment  : $240 USD


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