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Gong Facilitator Training




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Early Bird: $880 USD - until April 23rd, 2024

Regular Investment: $1,000 USD

Gong Facilitator Training

Embark on a transformative professional education with Anna Sohana's Gong Sound Healing Facilitator Training Course. Immerse yourself in the art of sound and learn to harness the deep energy of the gong with its accompanying sound instruments. This exciting program combines ancient wisdom with modern facilitation techniques, giving you the skills to guide others through a therapeutic sound healing experience. Learn the nuances of the gong, deepen your understanding of sound healing, and become a certified sound healing gong facilitator, ready to create harmonious spaces that resonate with healing vibrations.

Training will include:

The Teacher


Anna Sohana

Anna Sohana has dedicated her life to helping others awaken their inner potential and activate the Divine within themselves.


Her grounded and embodied approach to spiritual practices allows everyone to dive deeply into self-discovery and personal transformation.


Anna has been practicing many forms of Holistic Healing for over 20 years. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Body Therapist, Musically Trained Sound Healing Practitioner, Breathwork Facilitator, Certified Astrologer and Facilitator of Integrated Kundalini Awakening (IKA).


Anna offers shamanic ceremonies, groups, private sessions and education. Her global mission is to change people's understanding of their relationship with themselves and the world around them, to enable them to create a life based on their fundamental needs for joy and freedom.


Early Bird : $880 USD (until April 23rd, 2024)

Regular Investment  : $1,000 USD


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Module 1 : Alchemy Gong Meditation. 

Dive into the profound world of Alchemy Gong Meditation as you unravel the secrets of crafting immersive and transcendent sonic experiences. Learn the art of intentional gong playing, exploring various mallet techniques and rhythms to create a symphony that resonates with spiritual alchemy. Understand the therapeutic effects of alchemy gong vibrations and how to guide participants through a transformative meditation journey.

Module 2 : Gong Sound Healing Journey with Multi-Instrumental Support

Discover the synergy of gongs harmonizing with an array of complementary instruments in this module. Elevate your practice by incorporating Tibetan bowls, Crystal bowls, Koshi, Shaker, Drum, Chimes, Bell, Xylophone, and nature sounds like River and Wind. Explore the unique qualities of each instrument and master the skill of blending them seamlessly to enhance the healing power of gong vibrations. Gain hands-on experience in creating holistic soundscapes that resonate with well-being, guiding individuals on a profound Gong Sound Healing Journey.

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