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Alchemy Yoga Center

July 2nd – 30th, 2023

Ubud, Bali

Additional Upcoming Dates

October 1st - 29th, 2023



Investment (Limited Offer)

$ 2,500 USD

Alchemy Yoga Teacher Training

Join us on the Alchemical Path for a transformational 4-week intensive Yoga Teacher Training in the heart of Bali, Indonesia, at the Alchemy Yoga and Meditation Center in Penestanan, Ubud. This training will immerse you not only into the rich teachings and practices of Tantra and Yoga, but provide you with the tools necessary to share these life changes practices with others.

In this training, you will transform your life through a deepening of your practice of yoga, while you experience and learn:

  • The authentic Wisdom Traditions of Indian Tantra and Yoga

  • How to communicate these ancient teachings and practices to a modern audience

  • How to tailor a personal practice for yourself and others

  • Knowledge of the Subtle Body, Chakras, and Kundalini Energy

  • Anatomy and Biomechanics to help keep you and your students safe and free from injury

  • How to teach supportive life affirming group and private classes to others

  • Skillful sequencing to guide modern postural practices in a safe and effective manner

  • Mantra Science and how it aids in both realization of the Self as well as every day challenges

  • The Myths that inspire and communicate deep philosophical meaning through accessible stories

  • How to cultivate a profound meditation practice that informs and enriches your daily life

  • The Power of Ganapati Puja and how to integrate it into your practice

  • Elemental Practice, how it can empower you and others in every day life

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The Business of Yoga

Navigating the modern yoga landscape can be tricky. This portion of the training will equip the student with all the tools necessary to go out into the modern world and teach these life affirming practices in group and private settings. Students will learn effective tools in building a community around their classes and teachings, and how to best offer their authentic self in service to others.  

Myths and Stories of Yoga

Not everyone is a philosopher (or wants to be), so how do we communicate the grand ideas contained within these traditions in a more accessible way? In this training we will explore various myths and stories from within the rich heritage of Indian culture that do just that. Not only will these stories give you a better understanding of key insights from the tradition, but they will allow you the means to communicate these insights in a memorable and accessible way.

Puja (Ritual)

Students will come to understand the meaning of ritual within the Tantric traditions, experiencing and learning both powerful inner and outer rituals. Blessed to be able to share this training on the magical island of Bali, students get a tastes of Balinese culture as they participate in powerful purification rituals lead by local priests.  


A foundation in every yoga practice, meditation is a central piece of Non-dual Shaiva Tantra (NST) practice. These meditation techniques will include not only closed eyes meditations, but a multitude of meditations that include the senses in various forms. These unique and powerful practices are unique to NST, and an essential part of an embodied spiritual practice that embraces the every day aspects of living.

Mantra Science

Learn the transformational power of mantra, both as a tool of awakening, and as a method of empowerment in our daily lives. We will explore this ancient science through Bija (seed) sounds, japa (repetition), ucchara (utterance) practice, kirtan (devotional) chanting, and more.

Practice Teaching

Teaching is its own artform. Once we have established a basic methodology and approach to teaching, students will get ample practice time in actual teaching. From daily practice sessions, to full blown practicums, students will build the confidence and skills necessary to effectively teach this practice to others.

Teaching Methodology

Learn the basics of a teaching methodology that encourages a life affirming yoga practice, empowering students not only within the practice, but within their every day lives. We will cover concepts such as BABL (Breath, Action, Body part, Location), how your language impacts and directs students within a class, how to build a pose through direct communication, creating the container of a yoga class, and much more!

Intelligent Sequencing

Through an integrated understanding of both the physical and subtle bodies, you will be equipped with the tools to build intelligently sequenced asana based yoga practices that will not only inspire and empower the modern yoga student, but keep them safe within a dynamic range of practices you will learn to teach through our Elemental approach. 

Asana Lab

As we become more familiar with the make-up of the human body, we will break down countless yoga asanas, from the ground up, to understand their basic function, form, and shape. You’ll learn modifications to keep students safe and supported, while empowering them to explore postures within a measured range of motion.

Tools of Transformation

Covering a wide range of techniques through mudra (hand gestures), kriya (actions), bandha (locks), pranayama (breath techniques), and more, you will learn not only powerful tools of transformation in your own practice, often missing in the modern transmissions of yoga, but how to teach these powerful techniques to others.

Subtle body, Chakra system, Maha Bhutas, and Kundalini

In addition to the physical body, we will explore the realms of the subtle body, and the various inner maps utilized by the Tantric traditions. We will learn about prana (subtle life force energy), the nadis (energetic pathways), chakras (energy centers), and kundalini (the strong energetic creative life force within us). Learn how the Maha Bhutas (five “great elements”) impact the subtle body system and provide roadmaps to one’s practice.

Anatomy and Biomechanics

With a strong emphasis on physical anatomy and biomechanics, this one of a kind training will help you understand the magnificence of the human body, how it works, and how we can reach optimal health while staying as safe as possible in our physical yoga practice. Utilizing modern evidence based research to inform our understanding of the physical body, we will apply and compare this knowledge to ancient understandings of how the body operates.

Philosophy of Non-Dual Shaiva Tantra

We will explore the Tantric View of the world through the lens of Kashmiri Shaiva Tantra. We will cover the Three Upayas (Methods of Liberation), the Five Acts, Three Malas, the Thirty-Six Tattvas, and more. Discover what tantra truly is and isn’t, while exploring genuine texts of the tradition like the Shiva Sutras, Spanda Karikas, and Vijnana Bhairava Tantra.
Anatomy and Biomechanics

Daily lunch included from world-renowned plant based restaurant Alchemy

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