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At the AYMC we are committed to sharing the radically life affirming practices of traditional tantra and hatha yoga in a way that is accessible and relevant to the modern practitioner. We believe that a spiritual life is balanced through study (adhyayana), practice (sādhanā) and community (kula). At the AYMC we humbly offer a place for people to study, practice and participate in community.



In our Earth classes, you can expect an emphasis on standing poses to help build strength, stability and range of motion. Spending more time in each posture will allow you the opportunity to explore appropriate alignment and breath, while also challenging your stamina. Helping to build a strong foundation, these classes are appropriate for both beginners and adepts of the practice.

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Water classes explore the human body in a flow of movement, weaving together sequences of postures linked with the breath. There is less time spent in each posture, emphasizing skilled movements in order to help build strength, coordination and focus. Each class will explore a unique set of skills, challenging students to develop different aspects of your physical practice. These classes come with a greater expectation of body awareness and alignment and as such are more appropriate for experienced students.



Our Fire classes are all about building internal heat through strong and challenging postures and movements. You can expect an emphasis on arm balancing postures and core work in these practices. Not for the sweat-averse, these classes will challenge you mentally and physically. They are most appropriate for students who appreciate a very embodied and strong physical practice as a means of diving deeper into themselves



As the name suggests, Air classes strongly emphasize the breath. You can expect gentle postures, often supported with props, with long periods of time in each posture allowing you to move through bodily sensations via the waves of breath. Appropriate for both beginners and experienced students, these gentle classes help to restore your mind, body, and spirit.



Our Ether classes explore the subtle realms through meditation, breath, mantra and kriya. These practices will give you the necessary tools to sit in stillness and dive deeply into your Self. At times, you can expect a few gentle stretches to help the body sit more comfortably in meditation. Appropriate for anyone interested in a mediation practice, these classes are accessible whether you are new to the practice or have been meditating for years.



​This is our unique set sequence at the AYMC, as the name krama is the Sanskrit word for ‘sequence’. This practice is designed to give students a physically and mentally well balanced practice, addressing the needs of the modern practitioner. The sequence of postures is always the same, giving you the opportunity to learn through repetition and develop both the confidence as well as the physical skills to eventually explore a more dynamic postural practice if you so choose. This practice is great for those new to yoga or to more experienced yogis who want an all around embodied practice.

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