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Wujudkan Keseimbangan Pikiran, Jiwa, dan Raga di Alchemy Yoga and Meditation Center

Yoga dan meditasi yang diajarkan di AYMC berakar pada filosofi Kashmir Shaivism dan Non-Dual Shaiva Tantra, yakni filosofi yang menitikberatkan pada pentingnya hidup di momen ini dan memampukan seseorang untuk bisa melihat unsur-unsur ilahi dalam segala hal di sekitarnya. 


The Alchemy Yoga Center Launches in Ubud, Bali

We have really high hopes for the Yoga Center as it grows. I’ve never seen a Yoga Center like this anywhere in the world where we have as eco a structure as we possibly can. Everything is made from bamboo. We have high-energy copper roofs and permaculture gardens in between the yoga domes and the permaculture gardens. We’re going to be growing food, organically, that we’re going to be using at the Alchemy restaurant across the street. So I really hope that people will feel the love that we put into the center and the attention to detail and the care for the earth that we have. We could have just thrown up another concrete yoga Shala like there are everywhere around the world, but we did the best we could to minimize concrete and to minimize impact on the Earth, working with John and IBUKU, making it as beautiful and as accessible as possible. So we’re really proud. And we hope this is a model that can be adapted around the world and that people will come and feel something different when they’re doing yoga in a building without walls, than they would in a New York building going to yoga class. This should be a different experience, and we hope people will feel that.

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