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10. Yoga Asana for Spinal Therapy.jpg

Embark on a journey of healing and rejuvenation with our specialized yoga workshop focusing on Asana for spinal therapy. Designed to address the unique needs of the spine, this workshop offers a tailored approach to improve flexibility, strengthen muscles, and promote overall spinal health. Through a carefully curated series of Asanas, participants will learn how to alleviate tension, release compression, and cultivate proper alignment, offering relief from common spinal issues such as stiffness, discomfort, and reduced mobility. This workshop provides invaluable tools to nurture and restore balance to your body and mind. With 20 years as a student, and 10 years as a teacher, Antonio has found a practice and teaching style that is accessible, engaging, creative, informative, and challenging. He draws from an intuitive combination of Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Yin, a deep curiosity around neuroplasticity, music psychology, movement studies and anatomy, as well as a thorough understanding of biomechanics. Antonio has lived and taught regular Yoga classes and teacher trainings in Bali for 8 years. He has over 5.000 teaching hours, and is certified at the RYS-200 level.

11, 18 & 25 _ Chakra Balancing Sound Healing Journey with Erica.jpg

With over 9 years as a registered nurse, Erica Reene is a passionate advocate for holistic health through sound healing. Her training in Australia combined ancient practices with modern techniques, leveraging her medical background to enhance her approach. Utilizing quartz crystal singing bowls, each tuned to specific chakras, Erica facilitates deep relaxation and stress relief, highlighting the therapy's role in wellness and illness prevention. This deeply healing experience begins with a brief period of gentle breathwork and meditation, allowing participants to center themselves, cultivate presence, and set an intention for the journey. As the sound bath begins, participants are immersed in the soothing tones of quartz crystal singing bowls, each resonating with a specific chakra, promoting relaxation and energetic balance. Following the healing sounds of the session, there is a period of silence, allowing for reflection and integration of the vibrations. The session concludes with a brief meditation, guiding participants back into their bodies and the present moment, leaving them feeling grounded, rejuvenated, and aligned. We look forward to having you join us!

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12, 19 & 26 June _ SOMA Breathwork.jpg

Soma is a name given to a sacred shamanic ritual involving psychedelics, breathwork and meditation. Soma gave the rishis profound visions. The rishis then wrote the ancient texts of the Rig Veda from the information they received in these visions about the eternal truths of the universe. They also gained complete mastery of their physical body and mental faculties. This special ritual involving special tribal music, chanting, proprietary music technology and breathwork will alter your state of consciousness in a profound way without the need for ingesting psychedelics. In a similar way to the rishis you may receive downloads, visions and moments of great inspiration. The key to manifesting is reaching peak emotional states and implanting intentions in this heightened state. Use this time to create powerful visualizations of the future you want to create. Your sexual energy will become charged and your personal magnetism will expand. This workshop is open to all levels and no prior experience is necessary as we will discuss the techniques at depth to allow you to confidently open new levels of the subconscious mind and tap into that true source of power within. THE BREATH WILL SET YOU FREE!

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13. 5 Elements Dance.jpg

Raw Spirit Dance is a journey through the elements, drawing from the wisdom of pranayama, ecstatic dance, shamanic clearing and earthing. It uses breath as a tool to enter heightened states of consciousness and expanded sense of awareness.   By creating a ‘safe space’ through ritual, ceremony and movement, Raw Spirit Dance activates your inner being, your connection to self and an opening to transformation. Through embracing her femininity, wisdom and dimensionality, Rosanna is a vessel to inspire and empower others to express their own authenticity and to tap into and harness their inner power.   Rosanna guides and empowers you to find your own dance and to embody your own power and sense of freedom through the elements. She believes that movement is a gift and that it is fundamental in helping us access our true power from within. She believes that the body has an innate ability to heal itself and this deep rooted belief in holistic wellbeing (mind, body, spirit) has shaped her entire life.

14. Ecstatic Dance with Framilani.jpg

Framilani has been traveling around this Earth for more than a decade now, inside of this vessel called “human”; exploring different cultures and habits, becoming a dancer of his own reality. Based between Koh Phangan and Bali Framilani mobilizes a variety of stylistic interchanges, his ethno-melodic style, bursting with angelic mantras and ancestral percussion,creates a unique alchemy that transports the listener to a totally new destination. He explains “Music should ultimately be a transformative force to stripping us of the burdens we carry to come back to the ultimate state of emptiness.This is where magic begins”

15 & 29. Rachel Jungle Dance.jpg

𝐽𝑢𝑛𝑔𝑙𝑒 𝐷𝑎𝑛𝑐𝑒 is a primal movement to nurture your nature. Facilitator, Rachel Wainwright, creates a safe space to guide you in connecting deeper to your intuition and listening to your body; inspiring you to embody your most natural way of being. Rachel encourages you to release the weight of worry about others' opinions and unshackle yourself from the chains of self-judgment; inspiring you to lighten up to get wild freely expressing yourself. Moving with intention from limitation to liberation; shedding the layers of falseness to reveal your realness. Jungle Dance will help you become more comfortable in your body and more confident in embracing your most natural self. It's truly a healing journey and empowering experience! The Jungle Dance journey is 60-min, followed by a 30-mins community connection facilitated by Rachel. This provides an opportunity to meet like-hearted individuals. Join us to deepen your connection to your true nature and the hearts of others.

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16. Sunday Night Kirtan wit Ellen Arthur - rev 28 May.jpg

Kirtan, a devotional form of Bhakti, involves the melodious chanting of divine names, drawing us into a state of inner tranquility and love. This practice of mantra chanting invites us to dwell in the realm of the heart, grounding ourselves in our true essence. It beckons us to forge a connection, uncover truths, rediscover tranquility, and awaken to the divine presence within us. Ellen Arthur is a dedicated student of music and for over a decade has committed herself to using her voice in a way that brings people together. Ellen believes so deeply that music is medicine and can heal wounds of insecurity, not feeling like you belong, confusion, fear and doubt. What lies on the other side of that is truth, power, devotion, community and certainty. Chanting sacred and ancient mantras has helped Ellen develop a stable and loving relationship firstly with herself, and then toward others, as well as guided her back into the loving embrace of the Divine. Attributing this growth to the practice of kirtan, the practice of singing the names of God in a repetitive and hypnotic manner. Doing so with community is what continually inspires Ellen and allows her to continue to share this practice with enthusiasm and grace.

18 & 25. Yoga Nidra.jpg

Do you often find yourself overwhelmed by stress and looking for a natural way to relax? Yoga Nidra, also known as ‘yogic sleep’, is a form of ancient tantric relaxation technique. This practice will have you lying down in your position of comfort whilst receiving a guided meditation, with potential for a very blissful experience. The intention of Yoga Nidra is to promote a profound state of relaxation, whilst maintaining awareness of one’s surroundings. This practice also offers a means for attaining greater receptivity to personal resolutions. Rather than trying to process unresolved events with the mind, Yoga Nidra allows such experiences to be processed by the body at the energetic, subconscious level, leading to powerful transformations. It is known to reduce stress, anxiety and can also help with insomnia and jet lag. Suitable for all individuals.

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23. Harmonia Music Medicine with Kristy Ka & Immanuel.jpg

An evening of heart opening, expanding, unifying music medicine and community sacred space. Join us for grounding and uplifting shamanic, indigenous and nature based songs, wisdom and dances. Harmonia  is a ceremonial community music evening of celebration, where we sing as one harmonizing songs from around the world as well as original compositions.   Kirsty Ka has been offering music circles in Bali for 7 years and with Immanuel for 3 years.

24. Howling at the Moon with Julia Cobban.jpg

Join Julia Cobban for an inspiring women's song circle to awaken the wise and wild woman within! We'll begin with a guided somatic exploration, using breath and sound to activate your throat and sacral chakras. Then, we'll harness the power of song and connect with the cycles of the moon, our bodies, and our breath to heal, open our hearts, and invite more joy into our lives. Come together with other women in this sacred space to celebrate and embrace the wise and wild within you! No experience or talent required. 🌹 We sing for the lineage of women who have came before us, for our grandmothers, our sisters, daughters and mothers. 🌹 We sing for the collective feminine, for the women who have had their voice, choice and power taken away. 🌹 We sing for our own healing and for the healing of mama Earth.

28. Echo Ecstatic Dance.jpg

Join Peter Viviani, founder of Bali’s alcohol-free events and micro festivals for a high-vibe Ecstatic Dance at AYMC Uluwatu! This is a safe haven to connect, express and surrender to music in community.

29. Martijn Alchemy & Bodywork Workshop.jpg

- Learn how to release trapped emotions from the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies, with holistic deep tissue touch. Also called Bodywork. - Learn to use a detailed trigger point bodymap, releasing specific emotions from the physical, emotions, mental and energetic bodies. - Learn Alchemy or energy healing on yourself and others using the ascended masters, pleiadian, sirian archangels & quantum field to cleanse and clear your body, aura and energy centers. - Learn the difference between living in the mind from the heart and truly living with awareness, consciousness and spirit in the sacred space within the heart, to living in Unity, non-duality, as the heart only knows the Oneness of Life. - I have been doing this offering for 4 years, but just like the universal rule change is the only constant, the offering also keeps changing as we do. - I am only offering this at Pyramids of Chi in Ubud. Will only offer this at Alchemy Uluwatu. Feel lighter and brighter as you release blocks, tension, fears from the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies, aura and energy centers. Bringing this learning how to keep maintaining it on yourself and others.

30 _ Sunday Night Kirtan with Ananda Bhakti momence & FB.jpg

Ananda Bhakti's brings together the soul-stirring sounds of the guitar, harmonium, didgeridoo, drums, and tabla! Come and join the ancient practice of mantra singing to move you from the realm of thought to the world of heart. Emil Talltree is a dedicated guitarist, vocalist and sound healer and has been hosting Kirtan , singing circles and with various musicians and bands throughout Bali connecting people to their hearts and voices. Diane's passion for Kirtan blossomed under the guidance of Ellen Arthur since March 2022. Months of practice led her to host her own soulful Kirtan circles, which have grown in numbers. Recently, she also embraced the wisdom of Sarasvati Dasi from Kirtaniyas/Hanuman Project, enriching her musical journey further. Mantras have been part of Diane's life since she was just 12 years old, influenced by her devoted mother, a follower of Sai Baba of India. Those early days at the Sai Baba centers nurtured her love for chanting and bhajans.

30. Martijn Awakening the Heart Ceremony.jpg

- Learn how to rewire the human logical system from living in the mind, from the heart. To living with your consciousness, awareness and spirit in the sacred space of the Heart. - Learn to do energy healing or Alchemy on yourself and others using the ascended masters, pleiadian, sirian archangels & quantum field to cleanse and clear your body, aura and energy centers. - Learn the difference between living in the mind from the heart and truly living with awareness, consciousness and spirit in the sacred space within the heart, to living in Unity, non-duality, as the heart only knows the Oneness of Life. - Learn how to activate your Human Light Body or Mer-Ka-Ba which is your ascension vehicle to higher consciousness, organically from within the Heart. - You receive all the presentation, explanation and audio recorded meditations so you can keep remembering your journey into your sacred heart. - I have been doing this offering for 5 years, but just like the universal rule “change is the only constant”, the offering also keeps evolving as we do. - I am only offering this at Pyramids of Chi in Ubud. Will only offer this at Alchemy Uluwatu. Feel lighter and brighter as you release blocks, tension, fears from the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies, aura and energy centers. Once you have experience living with awareness, consciousness and spirit in the sacred space of the Heart you know the non-duality, unity and Oneness of Life.

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