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000 - EVERY WEDNESDAY - Soma Breathwork Journey - momence.jpg

Join Benny as he guides you through a powerful workshop designed to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit. Use a combination of tribal music, chanting, proprietary music technology and breathwork to alter your state of consciousness in a profound way. Open to all levels and no prior experience required!

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1. Ecstatic Dance with Framilani.png

Framilani has been traveling around this Earth for more than a decade now, inside of this vessel called “human”; exploring different cultures and habits, becoming a dancer of his own reality. Based between Koh Phangan and Bali Framilani mobilizes a variety of stylistic interchanges, his ethno-melodic style, bursting with angelic mantras and ancestral percussion,creates a unique alchemy that transports the listener to a totally new destination. He explains “Music should ultimately be a transformative force to stripping us of the burdens we carry to come back to the ultimate state of emptiness.This is where magic begins”

2. Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing.jpg

Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing is a serene and contemplative practice rooted in ancient traditions. The meditation unfolds as practitioners - surrounded by the melodic tones of Full Moon Tibetan singing bowls - embark on a journey of mindfulness. The resonant vibrations produced by the bowls guide participants into a state of deep relaxation, fostering a profound sense of inner calm. As the soothing sounds fill the space, individuals immerse themselves in the meditative experience, allowing the harmonious vibrations to wash away stress and tension. The gentle yet powerful frequencies of the singing bowls create a therapeutic atmosphere, promoting mental clarity and a heightened awareness of the present moment. For over 20 years, Anna Sohana has dedicated her life to helping others awaken their inner potential and activate the Divine within themselves. As a certified Yoga Teacher, Body Therapist, Musically Trained Sound Healing Practitioner & Breathwork Facilitator, Anna uses a grounded and embodied approach to spiritual practices allows everyone to dive deeply into self-discovery and personal transformation.

2. Resonance Retreat.jpg

the Resonance Retreat session offers a transformative experience through the power of sound. Participants will access deeper layers of consciousness and unlock new insights about themselves and the world around them - encourages them to engage in mindful listening. By focusing on the music and its nuances, individuals can cultivate a sense of presence and awareness - Inspiring us to cultivate a greater sense of harmony and balance. Fa’ Pawaka and Dani Huda are multi-disciplinary artists from Indonesia who explore human spirituality, mysticism, and the harmonious connection with nature through their visual art and sound explorations as part of their meditation practices. Olle Holmberg is a composer and researcher from Sweden investigating microtonality, field recording, modular synthesis, instrument design, traditional music, eco-systems and cognitive science. The talented triad collaborates to merge acoustic, electronic sound and mindfulness in an attentive listening ritual. Using sacred instruments and digital enhancements, they guide audiences on a journey of introspection, elevating listeners to a state of heightened awareness. This session showcases sound's ability to inspire connection and sensory awakening, offering a transformative experience for the soul. They embrace sacred instruments and the power of sound, and strive to weave a tapestry of peace and profound well-being. Together, they are passionate about the healing potential of these tools and find great joy in providing unique wellness experiences to the community.

2 & 16 - Breathwork Journey - momence.jpg

Breathwork is known to enhance wellbeing on a physical, emotional, mental and energetic level. From increasing lung capacity and boosting the immune, nervous and digestive systems - to reducing stress and helping better cope with anxiety and trauma. On an energetic level, breathwork helps balance life energy and reduces energetic blockages. Join this powerful workshop to further your journey into breathwork! Milena's intensive training in India served as the launching pad for her Breathwork journey. Since then, she has dedicated herself to guiding individuals on their paths to healing and personal transformation through the power of breath. Shas worked extensively with numerous clients in one-on-one sessions. Specializing in trauma and emotion release, Milena has witnessed the profound impact Breathwork can have on individuals' lives.

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3. Martijn Alchemy & Bodywork Workshop - momence.png

Designed to help you release undigested emotions that are hidden in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Once these emotions have been removed you will be able to move all your consciousness awareness from living in the duality of the mind, to living within the singularity, unity, oneness of the Heart. You will learn profoundly effective techniques in Bodywork, otherwise known as "holistic massage" - signifying the intention is to work on all energy body levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). You will explore the sacred geometry of creation, from cellular inception to the formation of the human heart, symbolizing our inherent unity and oneness. The workshop delves into the heart's two inner spaces, the "Sacred space of the heart" and the "Tiny space of the Heart", which hold key insights into our lives and connection to the source of creation - emphasizing a life reflective of the heart's pure, unified intentions. Anyone can join this workshop and will learn how to work with the map of consciousness, the falsehood emotions that we can have trapped in our bodies and how we can release them with a detailed Alchemy & Bodywork trigger point map. Martijn is a Consciousness Evolutionist whose passion lies in sharing the tools that help guide us to a more unitive way of living. This way of life stems from from the heart which is beyond the binary nature of the mind. These tools off a way of "reconnecting" the Heart to the Brain so they start working together as one coherent system, as the heart lives off the Quantum energy of the universe and therefore only knows the Oneness of life.

3. Martijn Awakening the Heart Ceremony - momence.png

As long as the mind and ego control the direction of creating, there will always be problems in the outer world, for the ego thinks only of itself and lives in duality. But when the heart is in control, everything returns into balance, for the heart feels & knows only the Oneness of Life. In this Ceremony you’ll be taken on a journey of re-wiring the human logical system from living in duality consciousness, in the binary of the mind. To living beyond the minds dualistic way of thinking. To non-dual, quantum, unity, oneness or singularity consciousness of living in the heart. Awakening the Heart is a combination of discussions and putting the topics learnt into into meditation practice. Martijn is a Consciousness Evolutionist whose passion lies in sharing the tools that help guide us to a more unitive way of living. This way of life stems from from the heart which is beyond the binary nature of the mind. These tools off a way of "reconnecting" the Heart to the Brain so they start working together as one coherent system, as the heart lives off the Quantum energy of the universe and therefore only knows the Oneness of life.

7. Sunday Night Kirtan with Diana Beauty _ Uluwatu • Momence • AYMC _ 20 x 10.7 cm.jpg

Kirtan - a sacred gathering to praise the Divine through song and mantras. When we surrender to the music and immerse ourselves in the chants, our hearts connect with the Higher Consciousness within. Feel the relaxation, openness, and emotional release as we journey from the mind to the heart. Diane's passion for Kirtan blossomed under the guidance of Ellen Arthur since March 2022. Months of practice led her to host her own soulful Kirtan circles, which have grown in numbers. Recently, she also embraced the wisdom of Sarasvati Dasi from Kirtaniyas/Hanuman Project, enriching her musical journey further. Mantras have been part of Diane's life since she was just 12 years old, influenced by her devoted mother, a follower of Sai Baba of India. Those early days at the Sai Baba centers nurtured her love for chanting and bhajans.

4. Tea Meditation - momence.jpg

Tea meditations are a multi-sensory experience. Through the brewing and drinking of tea in a quiet space, you use all your senses to come into a meditative state. Offering all your senses space to come into a singular rhythm, a meditative state. To bring ceremony to the mundane. Finding potency in each moment, each sip. This is an ancient Chinese practice that offers healing qualities through its medicinal and energetic properties. You will witness elements of mindfulness and daoist practices in the movements of tea. The tea offered will be mostly high quality Chinese teas. The essence of leaves from old trees brings you into presence with yourself, nature and our interconnectedness. Parul is the owner of Tides of Tea, a tea company focused on curating small farm, euphoric teas. She has studied tea both experientially and theoretically for over a decade, carrying a love for tea and understanding of tea as a healer throughout her whole life as a by product of her Indian ancestry. Parul is a facilitator, artist, and experience designer. Through tea, she bridges the rituals of ancient times with everyday life.

5. Open Circle.jpg

Join us as we come together to bridge the gap between men and women circles, fostering open dialogue and shared experiences. Our aim is to reignite the connection between both masculine & feminine and to create a space where everyone can openly share. In this gathering, we'll delve into the concept of “The Open Field". This is a term in Transpersonal Psychology that symbolizes the limitless potential and interconnectedness of human consciousness. Come join us as we explore and rediscover unity. We will delve into shared experiences, and deepen our understanding of the human psyche. Don't miss out on this opportunity to reconnect and come together. Daniel, originally from South Africa, dedicated the first half of his life towards becoming a professional athlete. However, life took an unexpected turn when an early career-ending injury shattered his dreams and left him grappling with a profound sense of loss and identity crisis. In the midst of this turmoil, Daniel underwent a profound moment that entirely shifted his perspective on life—a phenomenon commonly known as the 'mystical experience'. Since that transformative encounter, Daniel has devoted the past decade to scholarly pursuits, delving deeply into the realm of mystical experiences and their profound impact on human consciousness. Motivated by a desire to understand and share this transformative potential with others, he has immersed himself in academic and practical studies focused on this subject. Daniel's academic journey has led him to pursue professional training in Holistic Counseling, equipping him with the skills and knowledge to support individuals on their own paths of self-discovery and transformation. Additionally, he is on the verge of completing his Master's Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, further expanding his expertise in exploring the depths of human consciousness.

7. Womb Wisdom - momence.png

Some women feel out of touch from their own bodies, from their true essence, from the greatest strength, wisdom, and gifts that lie within a woman's body, within her womb. In this workshop you will change that for yourself. Join Eliska for an enriching 120-minute workshop, dedicated to celebrating and enhancing the power of femininity. Having been held for 8 years, this workshop has been a transformative journey for countless women across the globe. Learn how to: - Shift away from overthinking into feeling deeply into the wisdom of your own body - remembering the power of your feminine embodiment. - Say yes to your true inner divine guidance system. - Claim your birthright of bliss. - Indulge in your essence of pleasure, ease and glow. - Make an impact, not from doing, but from being in your sacred power. - Take these revolutionary skills and practices from the workshop and integrate them into your everyday life.

8 - Ecstatic Dance with DJ Jaya & Co-host Emma - momence.jpg

Come and experience the exhilarating feeling of moving your body freely. You are invited to move, play, connect, improvise, release and transform under a multitude of sounds and live mantras with the dynamic DJ Jaya and co host, Emma Szabo. Led by the guidance of non-dual teachings of Mooji, DJ Jaya has facilitated retreats, ceremonies and workshops, for over a decade. He believes in the power of continuous transformation and has made it his mission is to support and hold space for people to discover their innate capacity to reconnect with their true nature despite changing external circumstances. As he says himself - “Authenticity is the key to every door.”

15.  Ecstatic Dance with Dion - momence.jpg

Dance is a necessary human form of expression. Ecstatic dance is a practice where all movement is celebrated and there are no set routines, steps, or guidance. It is very powerful to be in a space of pure expression - just stepping onto the dance floor where others are feeling free allows us to loosen up and be comfortable in our body and personality.

16. Rachel Jungle Dance - momence.jpg

Jungle Dance is a primal movement to nurture your nature. Facilitator, Rachel Wainwright, creates a safe space to guide you in connecting deeper to your intuition and listening to your body; inspiring you to embody your most natural way of being. Rachel encourages you to release the weight of worry about others' opinions and unshackle yourself from the chains of self-judgment; inspiring you to lighten up to get wild freely expressing yourself. Moving with intention from limitation to liberation; shedding the layers of falseness to reveal your realness. Jungle Dance will help you become more comfortable in your body and more confident in embracing your most natural self. It's truly a healing journey and empowering experience! The Jungle Dance journey is 60-min, followed by a 30-mins community connection facilitated by Rachel. This provides an opportunity to meet like-hearted individuals. Join us to deepen your connection to your true nature and the hearts of others.

22. Ecstatic Dance with Mari Nova - momence22. Ecstatic Dance with Maria Nova - 2 • rev Fe

With a diverse musical background performing Mantras and electronic music, Mari Nova brings a colorful experience to the Ecstatic Dance floor. Come and express yourself through pure movement in her Ecstatic Dance!

29. Ecstatic Dance with Jazzy O.jpg

With a vibrant history performing in renowned festivals like Burning Man and Bali Bloom, Jazzy O has been on a mission to awaken the magic within through high-vibe and cutting edge electronic sounds. From soulful disco and tribal house to melodic house & techno, she weaves a tapestry of sound that elevates your mood and frequency. Join us, and let music guide you in this free-flow ecstatic dance! EcstaHc dance is a natural way to connect to your consciousness & your body that extends beyond words. Dance in an expression of what get stuck in the body that needs to be moved and released. The free flow allows you to connect your higher sense of being, coming down from the mind and into the body!

31. Sunday Night Kirtan with Audrey -  momence • rev Feb 23.jpg

Bhakti Kirtan is an inclusive folk form of mantra chanting and singing with musicians in a group context. Audrey and Chris invites all participants to dissolve into the song as drops merge into the ocean and evoke an experience of pure loving-awareness that is beyond words and concepts. Pure Bhakti Bliss! Expect a multi-musician gathering engaged in group singing, storytelling, vocal activation, and sound meditation. Audrey is an international yoga teacher with 17 years experience. She has hosted workshops, retreats and trainings in the United States, India, Costa Rica, Italy and Bali.

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