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Our incredible teachers at Alchemy Yoga and Meditation Center have decades of diverse teaching experience between them and are committed to deepening their own lifelong path of growth and share their knowledge with their students. Our vision is to uphold the core values of AYMC for the wellbeing of our students, and local and global community with compassion and kindness. Find out more about them below!

ashton szabo

Ashton Szabo

General Manager, Principal Teacher and co-owner at Alchemy Yoga & Meditation Center.

Strongly grounded in the present moment, Ashton's classes are open to the fullness of our human experience as spiritual beings. He teaches from the heart to the individual; whether you're in a class or private session - he inspires everyone to discover their practice and your unique connection within.

Classes he offers in AYMC: Fire, Earth, Ether

id yani

Id Yani

Ever since Id rolled out the mat in her first yoga class in 2014, she knew she found something she would dedicate her passion towards. Despite studying and working, she still took the time to explore and deepen her practice - eventually leaving her job to focus more on teaching Yoga. In 2015 she completed her first 200 hr YTT at The Yoga Barn. She continued her studies by earning her 50hr ++ Assisting in Yoga teacher training in Bali.

“My teaching is my learning, my learning is my teaching,” says Id.  


Classes she offers in AYMC: Krama

persia juliet


Persia first discovered her passion for teaching yoga in 2005 when she completed her initial 350-hour training in Los Angeles. After teaching her first class in Vancouver, Canada, she was immediately hooked on the practice and the transformative effects it had on herself and her students. This led her to leave her job in herbal medicine and natural nutrition to focus on teaching yoga full-time.

She deepened her Yoga studies with multiple Yoga Trainings with some well known names being Baron Bapiste, Les Leventhal, Ana Forrest, Sarah Powers and Jo Phee.

While Persia loves sharing all things Vinyasa, her greatest passion is Yin Yoga.  From all the foundations to exploring concepts such as Chakras from the Tantric System and deeply emerging in the Five Element theory according to Chinese Medicine.  Persia has created both a 100hr Online Yin Training and a 50hr Live Yin training here in Ubud.  

“It’s never too late to pursue your passion and seek a deeper connection with this incredible mystery ride called Life!”


Classes she offers in AYMC: Yin & Water

emma szabo

Emma Szabo
Emma is a devoted practitioner of classical Tantric philosophy (the Trika lineage of Non-Dual Kashmir Shaivism), Yoga and the school of Embodied Flow™, and Somatic movement therapy.

Emma believes that the body as a vehicle holds the opportunity for awakening and invites you to explore a holistic embodiment approach of yoga practice with emphasis on the physical, emotional and spiritual state.

She experiences that Embodiment and Meditation practices are doorways to allow awareness to re-pause in itself, supporting a deep relaxation into who we already are. Emma facilitates your process of embracing the essence of you, inhabiting your body in a new way, immersing yourself in a self-revealing journey, and transmitting the awareness of the connection of body-mind centering and the influence that yoga and movement have in healing.

Classes she offers in AYMC: Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Ether

krista marie starr

Krista Marie Starr

As an international yoga teacher with 10+ years of experience in the field, Krista is trained in Anusara, Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative, and Classical Hatha Yoga.

Years of movement exploration and study include Jiu Jitsu, Wu-Xing Kung Fu, Gymnastics, Functional Movement, Dance, Pilates, Crossfit, Powerlifting, Marathon training and rehabilitation has provided her with an incredibly diverse understanding of the human body and mind.

With a BA in Philosophy, Religion, and Politics, her areas of philosophical and spiritual study both as an academic pursuit as well as personal exploration include the practices and wisdom from Kashmir Shaivism, European Witchcraft, Andean Knowledge, Jungian Psychology, Esoteric Mysticism, Vajrayana Buddhism, and Phenomenology, amongst others.

Classes she offers in AYMC: Water, Air, Ether

will aitken

Will Aitken

Will is a devoted student and teacher of yoga who discovered the profound transformational power of yoga in 2016. For the past 15 years, he has immersed himself in the study of movement and strength, becoming a dedicated student in his pursuit of a mindful and embodied practice. Will has dedicated himself to guiding and supporting others on their own yoga journeys, sharing the profound benefits he himself has experienced. His teaching philosophy is rooted in grounding and cultivating a deep mind-body connection.  Through his classes, Will seeks to create a space where students can explore the union of breath, movement, and stillness, allowing them to tap into their own inner strength and wisdom. With a gentle yet empowering approach, Will encourages his students to embrace their unique journeys, honoring their bodies and minds with compassion and acceptance. He believes that yoga is not just a physical practice but a holistic path that can bring balance, resilience, and joy to everyday life.

Classes he offers in AYMC: Krama

anisha rajguru 

Anisha Rajguru

Anisha found the healing power of Yoga in her late teens as a way to move through anxiety and immediately recognized yoga as her path. 

Since 2015 she has been sharing practices that arise from her great love of the non-dual tantric philosophy which holds that we are already all that we long to become.

Her facilitation unfolds from her personal practice of meditation, self-inquiry, asana, somatics, and free movement. She is compelled to share from her own desire to awaken to the truth of who we are beyond limiting beliefs, while embracing the mystery of all that it is to be human and alive. With humility and compassion she holds space for you to arrive and practice exactly as you are.

Classes she offers in AYMC: Water, Earth, Air

anna viktoria

Anna Viktoria

Anna's classes offer a space where you can meet yourself exactly as you are. Her journey started over two decades ago when she got swept away by the world of meditation. After working in Business and experiencing severe burn out, she went deeper into Yoga and the practice of Asana as a therapeutic tool for healing. Anna considers herself an eternal student and since 2014, she has been facilitating yoga in studios, retreats and teacher trainings internationally. She is an educated IAYT Yoga Therapist and trained in Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Medical Yoga, Akhanda Yoga, Authentic flow and Yoga Nidra. 

Nervous system science, subtle energy, somatics and yogic philosophy inspires her teachings. With deep humbleness to be with you in the yoga space, her intention is for you to understand and connect with your intrinsic wholeness.

Classes she offers in AYMC: Earth, Air and Yin

antonio ariel

Antonio Ariel

Everyone carries the imprint of their personal history, and Antonio first came to Yoga to heal the residue of an adolescence in competitive sports. With 20 years as a student, and 10 years as a teacher, he has found a practice and teaching style that is accessible, engaging, creative, informative, and challenging.

He draws from an intuitive combination of Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Yin, a deep curiosity around neuroplasticity, music psychology, movement studies and anatomy, as well as a thorough understanding of biomechanics. Antonio has lived and taught regular Yoga classes and teacher trainings in Bali for 8 years. He has over 5.000 teaching hours, and is certified at the RYS-200 level.

Classes he offers in AYMC: Yin, Flow

lucinda muldoon

Lucinda Muldoon

Lucinda discovered yoga in 2015 as a sanctuary to help cope with burnout and mental health challenges and discovered so much more through the philosophical learnings of her teachers and the deeper understandings of a more connected way of living. After completing her 200hr YTT in Australia in 2017, Lucinda furthered her studies in Kids Yoga, Pre/Postnatal and Facial Bodywork which expanded her passion and curiosity for how we can improve our relationship with our body. Lucinda has facilitated teacher trainings, retreats and immersions creating space for students to embrace a ‘soft but strong’ approach to their practice and daily life. Within her classes, Lucinda intertwines her knowledge from her university degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology - encouraging the way we move on and off our mat to come from an intentional place.

Classes she offers in AYMC: Power Flow, Flow

denise de la torre ugarte

Denise De La Torre Ugarte

Born in Lima Peru, Denise has sought out several modalities of self-exploration to understand how to heal the relationship with oneself forever. This led to a life-changing was an approach based on the "Spirit" of the concepts she studied. She is a certified Health Coach and a yoga teacher with more than 1000 hours of study - workshops of Sequencing, Mobility, Pranayama, and Personal Growth programs based on the philosophy of yoga. Denise has studied how to interpret the Yoga Sutras - learning from Meir Ezra's teachings in "The Lost Arts of The Yoga Sutras", and how to explore the mind from Gal Ezra “The Fundamentals” course. Join Denise as she guides you in the understanding of spiritual energy by challenging the way we have built the physical universe and inviting us to dissolve the barriers that prevent us from seeing what is within us.

Classes she offers in AYMC: Flow, Slow Flow

niko kisic

Niko Kisic

Born in Peru, Niko began practicing Vinyasa yoga in 2014 after 10 years of competitive rowing and a career in multinational companies and began teaching yoga after realizing that he wanted to change his life and have a direct impact on the people around him every day. For Niko, the practice of yoga helps people to understand how their minds work and to know themselves better and that ultimately, we are each the creator of our own life experience. Niko has over 1,000 hours in various styles of yoga, teaching regular classes, workshops, as well as organizing retreats in Peru and Bali. In his practice, he carries the simple joy of sharing what he knows and his perspective of life with everyone around him. 

Classes he offers in AYMC: Power Flow, Flow

anu karoliina

Anu Karolina

Since a young age Anu has held a deep interest in spirituality. She discovered yoga and meditation in 2010 after some profound challenges in her personal life, and naturally found herself drawn to physically softer forms of practice. She moved to Bali in 2014 and fell in love with the practice of Yoga Pranala - which combines the subtle energy work based on the Balinese healers' tradition with yoga asana - and began teaching since 2015. Anu is trained in Classical Yin & Traditional Hatha Yoga, Authentic Flow and Embodied Yin based in somatics and non-dual tantric teachings. Anu believes that the body is a portal to experience a state of flow and a pathway to infinite consciousness. She is inspired by embodied practices, somatics and creates a non-comparative, safe space in her classes for students to truly drop into their authentic being. She invites you to come home to yourself in movement and stillness, in your breath, asana and meditation - Exactly as you are!

Classes she offers in AYMC: Slow Flow

chris walker

GNE03701 2.jpg

Chris Walker shares deep-felt passion for yoga and human connection, and has been facilitating workshops and programs around the world. Following an +11 year career in the corporate world in which many of his successes were heavily driven and based on society’s definition and image of success, the practice of yoga and subsequently teaching it saved his life.

This focus on success hindered his journey towards self connection, self awareness and ultimately self acceptance. His studies in Yoga began in London and have evolved while studying with teachers like Janet Stone, Bernie Clark, and Mark Whitwell.

With More than 3000 classes, workshops and trainings facilitated, Yoga boils down to one thing: UNION, and he believes that every person has the right and potential to feel empowered to discover and deepen whatever union they feel is important to them. Chris believes that there is no right or wrong yoga.

danielle boshove

Danielle-19_Original (1).jpeg

Yoga found Danielle during her very first visit to Bali many moons ago. Years of practicing later, yoga turned into a major ally on her personal healing journey, and she decided to leave a corporate career behind to share the teachings that carried her through with the world.


She is passionate about creating safe, grounded spaces for you to meet yourself exactly as you are. Teaching from her heart and influenced by her training in yoga, movement and somatic healing, Danielle’s classes offer an opportunity to find strength in your softness as she guides you back to your body as your true home and source of wisdom - on your mat and in life.

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