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Our incredible teachers at Alchemy Yoga and Meditation Center have decades of diverse teaching experience between them and are committed to deepening their own lifelong path of growth and share their knowledge with their students. Our vision is to uphold the core values of AYMC for the wellbeing of our students, and local and global community with compassion and kindness. Find out more about them below!



Surfing brought Ben to Yoga and he stayed with Yoga for the surfing. "They are both connected in so many ways and finding the flow of movement and breath is the key for achieving your highest potential in both". Ben is an east-coast Australian who grew up on the beach near Byron Bay. Became an Electrician in the early years before setting off on a travel adventure that would land him in Bali 13 years later! Easy going and always smiling, Ben completed his first 200hr Hatha training in Mexico and completed his 300hrs Vinyasa/YIN in Goa, India. He Undertook a SOMA Breathwork facilitator training in 2019 and joined the AYMC 200hr Traditional Tantra YTT in 2023. If you don't find Ben in the studio, you will see him on the beach or out in the water. “Ride the waves of life,” is his motto.

Classes he offers in AYMC: Air

celine buergi

Celuine Buergi

Celine is a passionate teacher who has walked a path in yoga for 2 decades. Her background as a fitness trainer and nurse allows her to integrate the various biodynamic aspects of the body into her teachings and combine the functionality of the body with spirituality. She has studied and practiced with different traditions and schools around the world and is trained in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha Tantra and Yin Yoga. Celine enjoys sharing her love of movement and growth of the soul through a mindful and embodied practice. and offers in her classes the space to truly connect with the mind-body. 

Classes she offers in AYMC: Fire, Water, Air


unnamed (6).jpg

Viktoria has been a daily yoga practitioner for 17 years, and teacher for 5 years. As a lifelong lover of education about the body, she has pursued her curiosity for all things Yoga, Movement and Mobility and has spent over a decade studying various modalities - learning from  teachers such as Tara Judelle , Patrick Beach ,  Mathieu Boldron , Carlos Romero , Cameron &  Melayne Shayne , Dharma Mittra and more.


Viktoria strives to help her students gain deeper awareness in their bodies - encouraging full attention to the breath to move them into a mind-body connection whilst fully connecting to the felt-sense of each individual.

Classes she offers in AYMC: Yin, Flow

antonio ariel

Antonio Ariel

Everyone carries the imprint of their personal history, and Antonio first came to Yoga to heal the residue of an adolescence in competitive sports. With 20 years as a student, and 10 years as a teacher, he has found a practice and teaching style that is accessible, engaging, creative, informative, and challenging.

He draws from an intuitive combination of Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Yin, a deep curiosity around neuroplasticity, music psychology, movement studies and anatomy, as well as a thorough understanding of biomechanics. Antonio has lived and taught regular Yoga classes and teacher trainings in Bali for 8 years. He has over 5.000 teaching hours, and is certified at the RYS-200 level.

Classes he offers in AYMC: Yin, Flow

audrey sarquilla


Bhakta, Tantrika, Yogini, Audrey shares yoga from 30 years of a multi-lineage journey and the depth of her own Sadhana. Her early years in pre-med, Behavioral sciences, Hypnotherapy and bodywork modalities set the stage for Yearning for More Spiritual insight. Teaching yoga for over two decades, her invitation to students is to remember ultimately this is ‘your’ unique yoga journey. Audrey has studied Kashmir Trika Shivaism on the Ganges in Varanasi and Bhakti in the Himalayas and has completed an E-RYT 500. She is inaugurated in a Balinese spiritual lineage under two High Priests and calls Bali her home. Her Classes are filled with heart, full of philosophical gems of understanding and awareness, expressed with humor, love and humility. 

Classes she offers in AYMC: Yin, Flow 

juliet leger mairry

Juliet - 1.jpg

Juliet was studying Naturopathy and Hypnosis when she found her way to her first YTT in Rishikesh in 2017 in traditional Hatha & Ashtanga, 1,5 years after she completed her curriculum in Goa with a 300hrs Vinyasa & Yin + 100hrs Ashtanga adjustments. She was offered to stay and teach in retreats and YTT until covid hit. That’s when she left India to complete an other 300hrs with Dylan Werner in Europe. Since 2020 Juliet has been living and teaching in Bali. She joined the Alchemy team by attending their 200hrs in Traditional Tantra last October.


Classes she teaches: Water, Ether, Fire, Air

craig fisher


Craig's love for the yoga community stems from its nurturing and supportive nature, reminiscent of the communal and nature-connected upbringing he had in a rural environment. Yoga provided a space for emotional expression and growth, which he found deeply resonant.

He first encountered yoga in 2004 but his journey sparked in 2012 while in Nicaragua, where where yoga instructors Marc Laham and Megan Curry encouraged him to participate in daily morning practices, which reignited his interest and spurred his commitment to the practice. Over the following years, as Craig traveled the world working on private yachts, he sought out the best yoga studios in every new town he visited - eventually leading him to move to Bali to complete his first 200hr YTT with Eoin Finn. 

Today, Craig credits yoga not just as a practice but as an alchemy that has elevated his life, allowing him to dive deeper into his passions and connect more profoundly with both himself and the world around him.

Classes he teaches: Fire, Ether, Earth, Water 

johanna pollet 

As an E-RYT 500, Johanna completed her first 200Hr teacher training in 2015. After many years working in the corporate world without fulfilment and hitting rock bottom personally, she found freedom, transformation and her passion in yoga as a healing tool for the mind, body and soul. Since then, her dedication to yoga as a philosophy of life has grown stronger. Fascinated by Chinese Medicine and the power of stillness, Yin is one of her favourite practices and offerings. She also loves helping surfers gain mobility and longevity. She has been teaching in several parts of Europe & Asia since 2015, with over 1000 hours of Teaching including Teacher Training experience. She completed trainings in both Bali and London, UK, including Peter Clifford, Stewart Gilchrist, Dylan Werner, James French, Caroline Pena, Carlos Romero, Janet Stone & Jose De Groot. As a lover of life and forever intrigued by the mysteries of being human, Johanna aims to transmit the sacred teachings she has received as well as the tools she has acquired through her own personal and professional experience, in order to inspire others to access and embody their own inner freedom.

Classes she teaches: Fire, Earth, Flow, Power Flow, Yin 

daniela garza rios


Known as Daniela Mandala Founder of SoHA: School of Healing Arts More than 20 years experience in the yoga and healing worlds. Senior experience in natural medicine, yoga, and the healing arts. Devoted to service offering the fusion of the vedic traditions with the latest research in human health, science, and body technology. Her work as a yoga trainer inspires profound inner growth through self-optimization, the healing arts, yoga, and movement mastery. Well known for holding “Top leading yoga trainings in Bali" her teachings ripple across the global grid. Currently offering In-person and online programs, workshops, mentoring, and conferences around the world. Mandala Vinyasa System Bioenergetic Osteopathy Natural Acupuncture Shaivism Tantra Advaita Vedanta - Puja Swami Dayananda “We pulse as one. Gravitate to unify the global family, celebrate soul interconnectedness, and experience divine Self.”

Classes she teaches: Flow

sara parlato trigona


Sara, an international yoga, movement, and mindfulness teacher, embarked on her holistic journey through two decades of professional dance, transitioning naturally into teaching. Introduced to yoga at 15, she found solace in Ashtanga and Classical Hatha Yoga, sparking lifelong curiosity in its philosophies. With a diverse background, Sara certified as a Fitness Instructor, specializing in HIIT, functional movement, Powerlifting, and Pilates blends. Amid chronic injuries, yoga became her steadfast healer, propelling her to share its transformative essence. Driven by a commitment to holistic wellness, Sara pursued a 200-hour yoga teacher training in Vinyasa and Hatha, and later Yin & Meditation Training. This education fueled her passion for blending yoga, movement, and mindfulness, extending into Women's Health where she explored yoga, cyclical living, and fasting. Through this, Sara found profound healing and purpose, igniting her mission to empower others through yoga. Her classes integrate strength, flexibility, and mindfulness, drawing from her experience and honoring yoga philosophy. Sara's mission is to share yoga’s benefits, guiding students towards a harmonious union of body, mind, and spirit for transformative well-being.

Classes she teaches: Fire, Power Flow, Flow

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