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March Events


00 - Every Tuesday - RISE.jpg

RISE is a weekly ecstatic dance; a space where you can be in your body, be in your expression, and be in community. Each week, our experienced DJs take us on a journey to our hearts and give us the energy to expand the ways that we can move. The music of ecstatic dance combines electronic and world-music genres, mixing a variety of different emotions and tempos into the session. Each dance will begin with a 20 minute opening warm-up session (not mandatory to join) led by an experienced instructor in a related movement modality such as yoga, qigong, contact improv, capoeira, kung fu and more. The end of each session closes with a community circle - giving us the opportunity to acknowledge each other and the journey that we have been through. Sacred sound healing music and acoustic heart songs will close our container. What is Ecstatic Dance? Dance is a necessary human form of expression found in all cultures and its ancestors. Ecstatic dance is a practice where all movement is celebrated and there are no set routines, steps, or guidance. It is powerful to be in a space of pure expression; stepping onto the dance floor where others are feeling free allows us to loosen up and be comfortable in our body and personality. The music of ecstatic dance is performed by skilled DJs who combine electronic and world-music genres, mixing many different emotions and tempos into the session. Dancers explore new movements solo or while interacting with others, and often find ecstatic feelings of happiness from connection with their spirit, their emotions, and their community. This practice is not connected to any culture, religion, region, or ethnic background. It is a practice that unites us across all cultural boundaries. The music brings us together to witness how we are all beautiful in our uniqueness.

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000 Every Wednesday - Breathwork Class.jpg

Join our transformative 75-minute Breathwork Workshop! With 7 years of experience, Dirk brings this workshop to AYMC Ubud. Discover the power of breath, align with your body, regulate your nervous system for stress reduction, increase focus and energy, enhance immune response, and improve interpersonal connections! Dirk is a certified Wim Hof instructor, with experience as a P.E Teacher for 24 years. His studies have taken him through several breathwork courses, from Breathwork masterclass to Liquid Breath. His mission is to empower you with with the beautiful tools of breathwork!

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HP Alchemy momence copy edit-1.jpg

"Please join us in now in exaltation With each dancing step, deeper grows revelation Gaze in wonder at these reflections Beholden to a castaway congregation Forever bound in celestial celebration” We are delighted to announce an extra special ceremonial celebration of devotion. After a truly unforgettable evening of deep magic in December, The Hanuman Project returns to Alchemy Yoga Center Ubud for an evening of Kirtan, Medicine Music, Dance & Cacao on Saturday, 2nd March. …a limited amount of early bird spots are now available so please be sure to grab yours now before they all go… For those who have been before no explanation required, and for those coming for the first time, perhaps no explanation is possible… We are so looking forward to come home to Bali, and we appreciate your support and heart felt voices so much. Thank You For Choosing This Reality All our love x The Hanuman Project & Alchemy Family x

4 - Gong Ceremony.jpg

For over 20 years, Anna Sohana has dedicated her life to helping others awaken their inner potential and activate the Divine within themselves. As a certified Yoga Teacher, Body Therapist, Musically Trained Sound Healing Practitioner & Breathwork Facilitator, Anna uses a grounded and embodied approach to spiritual practices allows everyone to dive deeply into self-discovery and personal transformation. ​While sitting or lying down comfortably, you will be instructed to close your eyes and focus on the sound and vibrations of the gong. The goal is to let go of thoughts and distractions, and allow yourself to be fully immersed in the sound of the gong along with breathing exercises or visualization techniques to help enhance the meditation experience.

5 & 26 -  Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation.jpg

Tibetan Singing Bowls Meditation is a serene and contemplative practice rooted in ancient traditions. The meditation unfolds as practitioners - surrounded by the melodic tones of Full Moon Tibetan singing bowls - embark on a journey of mindfulness. The resonant vibrations produced by the bowls guide participants into a state of deep relaxation, fostering a profound sense of inner calm. As the soothing sounds fill the space, individuals immerse themselves in the meditative experience, allowing the harmonious vibrations to wash away stress and tension. The gentle yet powerful frequencies of the singing bowls create a therapeutic atmosphere, promoting mental clarity and a heightened awareness of the present moment. For over 20 years, Anna Sohana has dedicated her life to helping others awaken their inner potential and activate the Divine within themselves. As a certified Yoga Teacher, Body Therapist, Musically Trained Sound Healing Practitioner & Breathwork Facilitator, Anna uses a grounded and embodied approach to spiritual practices allows everyone to dive deeply into self-discovery and personal transformation.

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6, 19, 27 - Angelic Crystal Sound Healing.jpg

In the field of holistic therapy, Angelic Crystal Sound Healing offers a transformative experience. Guided by ethereal tones, participants embark on a heavenly journey, overcoming the boundaries of the physical world. The angelic sounds of the bowls open up inner healing, promote introspection and connect with the divine. This harmonious union of sound and spirit leaves an indelible mark on the soul - allowing change of one's perception of reality. For over 20 years, Anna Sohana has dedicated her life to helping others awaken their inner potential and activate the Divine within themselves. As a certified Yoga Teacher, Body Therapist, Musically Trained Sound Healing Practitioner & Breathwork Facilitator, Anna uses a grounded and embodied approach to spiritual practices allows everyone to dive deeply into self-discovery and personal transformation.

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Maha  Shivaratri Celebration - Momence & Facebook.jpg

✨Devotional Ecstasy: “The Great night of Shiva” at the one and only Alchemy Yoga Center✨ We are warmly welcoming you to join and co-create with us, a special evening full of Devotional Singing, Dancing, Bliss & Joy. In honor of this sacred Indian Festival, Maha Shivaratri, we gather to celebrate one of the most potent annual planetary alignments to be bathing into chants, dance, prayers & stillness. Maha Shivaratri is a wake-up call to move away from darkness, conflicts and move towards truth, beauty, peace, and benevolence – the ethereal qualities of Shiva. It is also aligned with the coming New Moon & end of the Balinese year, which is such an amazing time to align ourselves with our higher selves, releasing, letting go, connecting with the deeper chamber of our hearts and calling in divine new beginnings before the stillness of Nyepi, the Silent day! The Bhakti Bliss musical family, will be leading a magical Maha Shiva Kirtan, followed by a special Nataraja Ecstatic Dance, where we will allow ourselves to move freely and blissfully. Then, we will be integrating this divine evening in each one of our cells with a ethereal sound healing journey. The final phase will be a collective chanting of 108x “Om Namah Shivaya”, followed by a closing fire ritual. DATE: MARCH 8th | 2024 | 6 PM to 9.30pm PLACE: Shiva Temple: Alchemy Yoga Center FLOW: 5.45pm: Sacred space opens 6.00pm: Maha Shiva Kirtan begins 8.00pm: Nataraja Ecstatic Dance 9.00pm: Ethereal Sound Healing 9.30pm: Closing Fire Ritual & “108 Om Namah Shivaya” DRESS CODE: Bright & Colorful SPACE HOLDER: Jeremy Sol & Bhakti Bliss Family Early Bird: 250K Presale: 300K | At the door 350K Jeremy Sol is a Bhakti Yogi & Kirtan facilitator, founder of Bhakti Bliss Bali, curator of devotional spaces & creator of ecstatic uplifting (community) experiences. Together with the Bhakti Bliss Family, Jeremy hosts Kirtans, Ceremonies, Retreats, Festivals and events - With the sole purpose & intent of spreading pure Joy, Love, infinite Bliss and oneness to all beings - Always reminding us of our true nature - Sat Chit Ananda - (truth consciousness bliss) - ✨🙏🏼🎼🕉️

13 & 25 - Alchemy Gong Meditation.jpg

Discover a unique meditative experience that harnesses the transformational power of the gong. Anna masterfully crafts symphonies and vibrations that bring you into a deep and relaxed meditative state and creates potential for healing and self-discovery on a variety of levels. Gong Alchemy helps to release negative emotions, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being. Come and experience this powerful tool for personal growth and spiritual development. For over 20 years, Anna Sohana has dedicated her life to helping others awaken their inner potential and activate the Divine within themselves. As a certified Yoga Teacher, Body Therapist, Musically Trained Sound Healing Practitioner & Breathwork Facilitator, Anna uses a grounded and embodied approach to spiritual practices allows everyone to dive deeply into self-discovery and personal transformation.

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16 - Ecstatic Dance with DJ Jaya & Co-host Emma.jpg

Come and experience the exhilarating feeling of moving your body freely. You are invited to move, play, connect, improvise, release and transform under a multitude of sounds and live mantras with the dynamic DJ Jaya and co host, Emma Szabo. Led by the guidance of non-dual teachings of Mooji, DJ Jaya has facilitated retreats, ceremonies and workshops, for over a decade. He believes in the power of continuous transformation and has made it his mission is to support and hold space for people to discover their innate capacity to reconnect with their true nature despite changing external circumstances. As he says himself - “Authenticity is the key to every door.”

17 & 29 - ReBirthing Breathwork.jpg

"With the Power of the breath, we can alchemize and shift our reality" In this ReBirthing Breathwork Journey, you are invited to join a safe and sacred space, exploring the power of your breath. As a bridge into the unseen, our breath is a tool to illuminate and heal ourselves from tension and stress held in our physical body, all the way into the very subtle energy body. ​Together, we circle to set our intention, journey through deep relaxation, a visual meditation and into a 45 min Breathwork utilizing a slow and deep circular breath. With the support of drums, Koshi chimes, crystal bowls, rainmakers, the voice and sound you will be able to invite, explore and free stagnant energies held within. We finish this session with a gentle space for deep integration and healing and sharing circle. ​Please allow 120 mins for this session. Drink plenty of water and rest to support integration.

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17b. Sunday Night Kirtan with Ananda Bhakti.jpg

Ananda Bhakti's brings together the soul-stirring sounds of the guitar, harmonium, didgeridoo, drums, and tabla! Come and join the ancient practice of mantra singing to move you from the realm of thought to the world of heart. Emil Talltree is a dedicated guitarist, vocalist and sound healer and has been hosting Kirtan , singing circles and with various musicians and bands throughout Bali connecting people to their hearts and voices. Diane's passion for Kirtan blossomed under the guidance of Ellen Arthur since March 2022. Months of practice led her to host her own soulful Kirtan circles, which have grown in numbers. Recently, she also embraced the wisdom of Sarasvati Dasi from Kirtaniyas/Hanuman Project, enriching her musical journey further. Mantras have been part of Diane's life since she was just 12 years old, influenced by her devoted mother, a follower of Sai Baba of India. Those early days at the Sai Baba centers nurtured her love for chanting and bhajans.

20. Equinox  Cacao Ceremony.jpg

Time to gather in Sacred Space guided with Cacao medicine to celebrate the Pachamama - Mother Earth’s fertility and abundance! We invite you to create visions and beautiful intentions for the next cycle of Life and give thanks and keep walking in beauty. Astrologically, the equinox is the day when Day and Night are the same length, resulting in the balance between The Sun (masculine) and the Moon ( feminine ) energies. Through a landscape of flavors, sounds, visualization and love, Karunika along with talented musicians will create an atmosphere of collective synchronicity nurturing a deep state of being. Join us for this magical evening at Alchemy Yoga and Meditation Center!

23. Ecstatic Dance with Manish.jpg

Offering Ecstatic Dance experiences for over 6 years internationally, Manish's unwavering passion for music and his boundless enthusiasm for life reaches the AYMC dance floor. With an infectious energy behind the decks - join him in an unforgettable journey of rhythm and movement - with a symphony of sound, seamlessly blending tracks teeming with deep bass, commanding vocals, and heart-opening instrumentation. Expect to discover a tapestry of influences that traverse shamanic realms, resonant mantras, soulful downtempo rhythms, and the pulsating beats of tribal African rhythms. As the founder of the global event series 'Dance Through Dimensions', with episodes in Bali, Ibiza, Tulum, Goa and Costa Rica, Manish has a passion to create spaces for free, authentic expression and connection.

24. Bhakti Kirtan.jpg

Join the wonderful Mantra Vibe and DJ Jaya in a magical evening of chanting, dancing, celebration and mantra. Viewed as singing the different names of God - Kirtan allows us to surrender, let go of our busy minds and return to ourselves - leaving us with a deeper sense of peace, presence and an expanded heart.

25 - Breathwork & Ice Bath Workshop.jpg

Discover Dirk Hamelijnck's Breathwork & Ice Bath Workshop and understand your body like never before! Breathwork and cold exposure have gained an enormous amount of popularity over the past years with a growing amount of scientific research discoveries that prove its benefits. On their own, the modalities are strong tools to improve your quality of life- but together they create magic! In this workshop Dirk will take you on a journey within. What is happening to you when you discover the breath and cold in a specific way? What patterns come up? What unhelpful reactions are triggered? And What can you do to surrender and feel the force of life flowing through you? Experience and accept all these beautiful invitations to grow in a safe setting. The journey combined with the explanation of the science behind all this will give you the tools to implement these modalities in your daily life. This workshop will help: 1. Improve your body's fight against inflammatory related diseases. 2. Increase your cardiovascular health. 3. Improve the rest / digest / restore functions of your body. 4. Reduce anxiety and fear triggers. For six years, Dirk has been pioneering these workshops in the Netherlands, teaching the transformative power of breath and cold exposure. Now it's your turn to experience this journey and convert awareness into action. Important: - Bring a towel and bathing clothes. - If you eat breakfast, make sure it’s a light one! - Bring a bottle of water Do not participate if: - You experience epileptic seizures - You are pregnant WAIVER: 1. I participate on my own responsibility 2. I hereby declare that I am physical and mentally fit enough to participate in the breathwork and ice bath workshop. 3. If I have any of the following challenges, I’ll share that with the facilitator before the workshop: - Heart issues - Aneurysm - Blood issues - Breathing issues - Cold related challenges - Recent operation - Personality disorder - Recent mental break down that inquired professional help

29  - Cosmic Sound Healing.jpg

Come and experience a sound healing journey that leaves you feeling stellar & guides you back Home. Surrender in serenity, peace, tranquility. Dissolve into balance, bliss & harmony – as you allow yourself to relax and receive the healing sounds of Alchemy Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chimes, Medicine drums, Voice, Monochord, Flute, and other sacred instruments. Slowly sink deeper into the nature of silence and leave feeling deeply nurtured, relaxed, restored, and regenerated by this beautiful sonic harmonic experience. @serenity.soundsynergy is a sonic harmonic co-creationship between Eva & Susanne, who are both devoted Sound Healing Facilitators, Yogis, and Meditation Guides. A Hatha, Yin and Restorative yoga student since 2002 & teacher since 2009 - Eva has honed her craft as a yogi, teacher, Holistic Wellness Coach, (inner) Voice Coach, Bhakti Kirtan Singer, Sound Healing Artist & Restorative Meditation Guide for over 2 decades - sharing her gifts to guide, support & empower people to deeply connect with their natural source of vitality (chi/prana) to create a life true to their calling. Meditation Teacher, Nada Yoga, Artist by heart & craft, Susanne gave up a successful career to listen to her inner voice, retreat into nature and deepen her path into Meditation and Sound & studied with renowned teachers. It helped her to embody self- love & transformed her life and shifted her reality completely. It is her life’s work to pass on tools for awakening & create safe spaces for authentic self- expression, embodiment and healing.

30. Ecstatic Dance with Karunika.jpg

Ecstatic Dance is a freeform movement journey, held in a safe and sacred container - allowing you to move the energy, recharge, let go and have fun! Karunika is back for another magical evening of Ecstatic Dance! Join her as she draws on ethnic rhythms, mantras & medicine songs along with deep bass, as tools for musical manifestation.

31 - Jungle Dance.jpg

Jungle Dance is a primal movement to nurture your nature. Facilitator, Rachel Wainwright, creates a safe space to guide you in connecting deeper to your intuition and listening to your body; inspiring you to embody your most natural way of being. Rachel encourages you to release the weight of worry about others' opinions and unshackle yourself from the chains of self-judgment; inspiring you to lighten up to get wild freely expressing yourself. Moving with intention from limitation to liberation; shedding the layers of falseness to reveal your realness. Jungle Dance will help you become more comfortable in your body and more confident in embracing your most natural self. It's truly a healing journey and empowering experience! The Jungle Dance journey is 60-min, followed by a 30-mins community connection facilitated by Rachel. This provides an opportunity to meet like-hearted individuals. Join us to deepen your connection to your true nature and the hearts of others.

31 - Sunday Night Kirtan wit Ellen Arthur.jpg

Kirtan, a devotional form of Bhakti, involves the melodious chanting of divine names, drawing us into a state of inner tranquility and love. This practice of mantra chanting invites us to dwell in the realm of the heart, grounding ourselves in our true essence. It beckons us to forge a connection, uncover truths, rediscover tranquility, and awaken to the divine presence within us. Ellen Arthur is a dedicated student of music and for over a decade has committed herself to using her voice in a way that brings people together. Ellen believes so deeply that music is medicine and can heal wounds of insecurity, not feeling like you belong, confusion, fear and doubt. What lies on the other side of that is truth, power, devotion, community and certainty. Chanting sacred and ancient mantras has helped Ellen develop a stable and loving relationship firstly with herself, and then toward others, as well as guided her back into the loving embrace of the Divine. Attributing this growth to the practice of kirtan, the practice of singing the names of God in a repetitive and hypnotic manner. Doing so with community is what continually inspires Ellen and allows her to continue to share this practice with enthusiasm and grace.

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